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Event Catering

Lantana Palace Catering - We Cook With
Love & Serve In Style

Lantana Palace Catering - We Cook WithLove & Serve In Style

At Lantana Venues, we accentuate the exceptional quality of foods and a friendly and efficient service style. Our chefs cater to a wide variety of ethnic cuisines including Australian, Italian, and Lebanese. Our team at lantana is aware that food is the ultimate option when planning your event, and in saying this, it’s the food and service you will remember from our wedding venue. We are committed to serving quality and that what our food reflects. Our catering team serves all types of occasions which includes weddings, corporate events, conferences, school formals, Christmas parties, new year celebrations, family gatherings, and many other social celebrations.
We have highly creative chefs that cater delicious treats at highly competitive prices. Our event planning team along with the catering team assists you in each and every aspect of your event and organizes a memorable event like never before. From preparation of world-class dishes to clean up, we take care of everything, you just have to enjoy our hospitality and the great taste of our delicious menu which we crafted as per your taste and preferences. Our prices are upfront, there are no hidden charges for the services we provide you for your event at Lantana Venues Sydney.
Our catering team is supervised by highly experienced chefs and therefore we are able to create a different menu for different events as per the theme of the occasion without compromising the taste or quality of the food. The items that are listed in your event’s menu are cooked with utmost passion with the aim of perfection. We try to blend some unique flavors and contemporary taste in our menu so that guests at your event praise good food at your event for a very long time. Every small little detail adds up to the beauty and elegance of your event and our quality food is one of them. We serve traditional classic food, with a modern flair!

event catering
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