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The Art Of Live Event Entertainment -
Lantana Venues

The Art Of Live Event Entertainment - Lantana Venues

Lantana Venues, we offer a wide variety of entertainment options to make your function memorable. Entertainment services at Lantana include MC’s, DJ’s, live bands/singers, belly dancers, Lebanese drummers, and other exciting live acts. There are various types of event entertainments; the choice is entirely dependent on the type of event you are organizing and planning for. Here at Lantana Venues we understand the true art of live event entertainment is different based on the culture and type of function
A perfect inclusion of entertainment can bring life to your event and when you choose Lantana Venues to organize your event, we ensure our entertainers make your event enjoyable and successful. If you have some specific needs in mind, including a particular performer or group to perform at your event just let our professional entertainment consultant know at the time of your booking.
Furthermore, our organization of live event entertainment is a service exclusive Lantana, as other wedding venues do not offer this particular service. We can arrange lighting, sound equipment, and performances that guarantee high-quality entertainment and leave a high and memorable impression for your guests. If you are planning a function or professional event, book Lantana Venues and don’t look back!

Do You Remember The Entertainment At Lantana Venues…. Was Amazing! Entertainment:

  • Professional MC- Master of Ceremony to cover the important parts of your special function
  • DJ- we can cater a DJ that will play your choice of music
  • Band and Singers (Cultural Singers)
  • Our professional service of both DJ’s and MC can work together and in conjunction that will be personalised to your music choice.
  • Sax Players
  • Percussion Band
  • String Cortet
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