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Wedding Reception Venues Campbelltown

Humans live in a perfect space in humanity and have a very long and varied journey with a lifespan of a glorious 75 years and more. We go through many phases and see a lot of ups and downs. Some moments are very special and we can reflect upon them. Weddings are one such phase which has a lot of significance in all cultures and brings joy. We all want to celebrate it and have fun. There is a vibe of celebration that we all look to cherish. In the western style, you at least deserve to have better decors, best flowers, with best location and arrangements. We all want to settle down and enjoy the glory with great food and great wine. Ultimately you can go for the best wedding and reception venues in Campbelltown.  

Lantana Venues is a great premium level service which comes packed with resources and experience for happening wedding and reception venues in Campbelltown.

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Lantana Venues a perfect for Wedding Reception Venues Sydney that make a lifetime of memories.


Lantana Venues where picture perfect memories are created in stunning surroundings!

best wedding venues sydney

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Each one of our venues has its own charm, unique design and truly enchanting atmosphere.


On behalf of me and my Fiancé Hilda, I would like to say a big thank you to Steve and the team at Lantana Venues hall! You guys made our special day even more special. Thank you for the great food and immaculate service and quality. The hall looked amazing, God Bless you guys and wish you the best in growing success.

Emmanuel Breekha

Thank you to lantana palace reception hall for making our our engagement a special one. Service 100%. Waiters and waitresses were respectable and made the night that much better. Thank you so much recommend the reception for any special occasion

Francis Tobiya

We had our engagement at Lantana, we would like to thank Steve and his team for the amazing service they give us. They looked after us from day one and they were really easy to cooperate with.

Rania Shashati

I would like to thank all the staff at Lantana Palace for such a wonderful service at our wedding. Thank you all for such a great job and we wish you all much success for the future.

Evan and Candice Essa

Splendid and super exciting wedding venue that has created beautiful memories for our wedding. It is surely worth trying; who want lovely and delightful reception!

Incredible experience with range of services to ensure that everything is smooth, stress-free and absolutely amazing! The Lantana Palace adds grandiose to the occasion!

Excellent service, perfect venue and totally mind blowing party ambience. Everything was impeccably planned and there was no place of any flaw or mismanagement.

Matchless and stunning! The party atmosphere that was created was really breathtaking and the staff is very friendly and reliable. I happily recommend this place to all.

Perfect wedding destination with many services to make everything a cake walk. Thank you for making my wedding the most memorable day of my life!

Lantana Venues Where Beauty Meets Elegance

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